How much is it ? It's on special. $2 gives you access to all Friendlien content


What Info to do collect? We respect your privacy and only collect your Email in order to make it easy to reset your password and pin.


What do I get for my 2 dollars? We're adding new content every month. We currently have a wide variety of Life Lessons, Sleep Music, and Exercise videos and we add content each month.


I'm having trouble with the app what do I do? Please contact us with your issue and we will help you.


How do I get a refund? Contact the app store from which you paid for the app on.


Is your content safe? Friendlien content does not promote religion or political agenda rather our lessons support ideas that all parents can trust. You are in control of all content seen by a child before it's placed into a child's playlist.


Does your network require internet access? Yes. All content is streamed from the net. You must have access to the internet in order to watch our shows. Data fees are subject to the specific data plan that you have with your preferred ISP. If you do not have access to the internet, we suggest finding a free WIFI hotspot located within your city.