Founder & Chief Friendlien Joel Payne, developed Friendliens for one sole purpose: To change the world by inspiring kids to do good things using entertaining content and creative technology solutions.

Mr. Payne has 3 decades experience in the entertainment industry as a powerhouse veteran having worked in the film, movie, game and VR ride industry in over 30 different roles at the highest levels.


CEO - Project Creator- Director

Joel Christopher Payne

Theme Song

Joshua Mosley

aPP pROGRAMMER and tech support


V.O. Cast

Zeal , Primebot, Dabu, Elder Dean, Joel Payne 

Prim Felician Dicicco

Harmony Kimberly Adragna

Elder Grace Ashley Hansen-Benson

Character Design Contractor

Gavin Dell

Character Rigging

Shamod Chanuka

Chad Morgan

Scripts Cg sets, Animation, Editing, Music

Joel Payne

Special Thanks

Sheryl and David Langdon and to all of our Sponsors

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